Sony Vaio-505 and Linux


The Sony Vaio-505FX is a nice little machine that's perfect for travelling. Of course this computer comes pre-installed with Windows98, and of course the first thing I did was using FIPS to create a second partition on the hard disk to install Linux.

At this time I was not absolutely sure that Linux could do everything (e.g. APM) so I left about 2GB for Windows and used only about the same size for my SuSE distribution.

Everything is working now and so I got rid of the Windows partition and created a second (actually a third - I am also using 64MB of swap space) partition for Linux.

During my initial Linux installation and configuration I picked up quite a bit of useful information that I would like to share on these pages.

Everything you'll find here is just about my experience with the 505FX, it's not about any of the other Sony notebooks, so if you are looking for information about the Z505xx or the Fxxx series, please go to the Linux Laptop page and follow the appropriate links. I'm however pretty sure that all other 505xx Vaios with a 800x600 display are similar enough that you can use my 505FX tips.

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