My genpage Recipes


All these pages are produced using genpage, a very useful tool written by Joe Vaughan.

Genpage is a Perl program to manage HTML files on a web site. It uses templates which makes it very easy to craete a consistent look and feel of all pages. It also supports Perl functions, that can be included to generate portions of the HTML code of a page. This can e.g. be a navigation bar that needs to be included in every page.

Genpage can be extended using so called recipes, which again are small Perl programs. I've so far written two recipes for Genpage:

  • relPath()
  • getModTime()

Both of them are part of the latest Genpage distribution. I will only distribute them on this site if I have an updated version, that is not yet included in the standard Genpage package. The distribution also contains the documentation (of course in form a Genpage content file).

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