Just Some Stuff ...


Just Some Stuff ...

This page contains all the stuff that does not fit under any of my other sections.

International Coaster Collection

Somehow I became a member of the "Coaster of the Month Club", even though I never signed up for it. They also never send a bill, so I don't really mind. Here are scans of the coasters I received so far.

The thumb nails are links to larger versions of the images. Just click on them to really appreciate the beauty of my coaster collection.

I can only display 16 of the 17 coasters I have, the 17th is in use in my office, and I don't want to put the coffee stained thing into my scanner.

coaster 1 coaster 2 coaster 3
coaster 4 coaster 5 coaster 6
coaster 7 coaster 8 coaster 9
AOL Turbo Coaster AOL 5 Coaster AOL Titanium Coaster
Earthlink 2.3 Coaster Earthlink 5 Coaster Juno Coaster
MSN Coaster

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