SANE EPSON Backend - GT-8000 / ES-800C patch


Patch for GT-8000 / ES-800C

This patch is no longer needed, it's now part of the standard backend

Thanks to Matthias Trute <> for figuring out how the GT-8000 (ES-800C) can be used with SANE. His patch unfortunately causes problem with other scanners so you should use this only if you want to use your GT-8000 and don't have any other EPSON scanner.

Download the patch and apply it while you are in the backend directory of your sane-backends-1.0.4 source tree:

patch -p0 < gt8000.diff

Then compile and install the package as usual. If you have any problems with this setup, please let me know and don't bother Matthias. If necessary, I will forward any information to him.

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Karl Heinz Kremer